Hype Imposters

A Fashion Brand

Hype Imposters – Mind Over Media.

Hype Imposters is a fashion brand on a mission to encourage independent thinking and healthy boundaries with media. Hype Imposters is a brand for thought leaders and for those who want to lead their own thoughts. So, make a bold gesture and flip-off the internet.

Don't Believe Your Own Hype

“Don’t Believe Your Own Hype” is a t-shirt that acknowledges that we all hype our image and ego at times, but to stay true to yourself. 

Hype Imposters Polo

Retro colors and a retro attitude combine on this polo shirt. After watching a “how to be an influencer” webinar, you realized you could be your authentic you without a professional photographer staging your next social media post.

Thought Leader in My Own Mind

You think for yourself. You are mindful and live in the moment. You also don’t mind poking fun at yourself or dissing the millions of people who claim to be a guru, thought-leader, genius who went to a weekend seminar.

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As we become more aware of how much time we spend on media and our cell phones, let’s work together to embrace the humanity of each other. Get out of the media echo chamber and respectfully interact with people that aren’t like you and don’t have the same beliefs. Plus, we all need a break from social media wagging our life. (oh, and please follow us on instagram 🙂

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