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The Story

Our ego wants to be loved, admired, and respected. If there was only a way to curate our life and project ourselves as nearly perfect, #blessed. Oh, right, social media.

We turn to social media for connection, acceptance, and validation. The real story is, it is often having the opposite effect. We compare our real life to an edited, filtered, and enhanced version of other people’s lives. 

The Meaning

Hype Imposters is a wink and a nod that you understand you are self-promoting and presenting the best you… the better than you… the more hip, more humble, more hype you.

This is a call to laugh at ourselves, love ourselves, and then give our helpful attention to others IRL.


The Message

Love yourself. Love others, even those you don’t agree with. Participate in social media, but it doesn’t define your worth. Taking breaks from the internet is healthy. Integrating media into every aspect of your life is normal. Normal is making us distracted, irritated, and for many, depressed. It’s time to Pause Virtual and Play Reality.

The Challenge

Well paid engineers, designers, and data scientists are working day and night to modify your behavior, keeping you on their network just 5 minutes longer than you were on it yesterday. People are taking their own life based on not living up to other people’s hyped persona.

But, hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. You have control. You can unplug from the echo chamber of only listening to people like you. Use the internet to get inspiration and aspirational ideas. Then turn it off for several hours while you eat with friends, go on a hike, meditate, pray, exercise, create…

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Mind Over Media

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