T-Shirt Design Licensing

Contact us at the bottom of the About Hype Imposters page if you are interested in licensing any of these t-shirt designs.

The Legend of Kung Pow

As the legend goes, Kung Pow was raised on a chicken farm. As he was about to beat one of the chickens in a staring contest, the chicken pecked his left eye. Kung Pow now wears his signature eye patch and has dedicated his life to fighting evil. Even the most corrupt cower at the thought of Kung Pow showing up. They know it means they’ll experience a fist to the face and have to endure his catch phrase, “I ain’t no chicken.”

Kung Pow 01

Kung Pow 02

Kung Pow 03

Power Button Series

Living in a world button-pushers, the time is now to take your power back.

Power Button 01

Power Button 02

Power Button 03